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Surroundings Farm house: Lunigiana

Lunigiana is the wild heart of Tuscany to discover where nature has created a perfect harmony between land and sea; a borderland where the centuries have followed different dominations each of which has left prestigious vestiges as evidenced by the one hundred and sixty castles that stand in the area to remind us stories of lords, the feudal rulers.

Located in the northern part of Tuscany, between Liguria and Emilia Romagna to the east to the north west, the Lunigiana is a borderland, hinge connection between north and south, between the Po plain and peninsular Italy: think the via Francigena, the important road junction linking the northern Italy with Rome and that here in Lunigiana assumed significant strategic importance: the control center for travelers, pilgrims, merchants, armies. Lunigiana: a wonderful world of water.

The stone and the water well in fact represent the inner soul of Lunigiana. The stone of fortified villages, manors, castles contrasts with a continuous succession of springs, waterfalls, streams, waterfalls. It 'a land, Lunigiana, where once its waterways represented practically a source of life and work: here the mill, in fact, became the central point of the country life, where, through the mists odorous flour new , gather stories of men and women, arms and loves, of fantastic tales and goblins, when nature was believed inhabited by witches, the evil eye and invoices, which traces are still visible to those who Tread the winding and narrow streets villages: the famous "facin" lunigianesi, faccioni disturbing carved in sandstone on the walls of homes with the intention, in a time of poverty, illiteracy, hunger and hard work, to keep away evil spirits. E 'in the midst of fears and dangers of those lost times that most humans feel the need to pray, to believe in something that transcended the time the ground, to find a place to gather and meet with God: the parish churches. austere buildings of sandstone whose territory Lunigiana is rich.

History, nature, spirituality, pagan traditions: is LUNIGIANA, the VALLEY OF THE MOON, a land of ancient civilizations and ancient traditions, where time seems to flow differently, more slowly, whose rural, intended as traditions, culture, environment and hospitality so of living, makes it unique in the disputed national and European level.

Lunigiana Lunigiana Lunigiana
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